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CNET UK podcast 519: Filtering facts with BBC's QI's chief Elf

James Harkin, head of research for BBC's QI, joins the show to discuss how to filter the world's knowledge and brings a few tech facts to blow our minds.


It's a CNET UK podcast special this week as Andy is joined by James Harkin, the chief fact researcher -- or one of the elves, as the researchers are known -- for BBC's much-loved QI.

James explains how he filters through the world's knowledge to bring the best nuggets of information to Britain's favourite trivia show as well as how QI's spin-off podcast, No Such Thing As a Fish, went on to become a BBC TV show in its own right.

We're still waiting on this podcast to be picked up for TV.

We find out what makes a fact prime-time worthy, how squirrels are bringing down the world's power grids and what Slipknot's Corey Taylor was doing singing the Spongebob theme in Camden.

CNET UK podcast 519

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