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CNET UK podcast 483: Jane Bond and Google shaming tactics

Andrew Hoyle is joined by Katie Collins to discuss new Xbox consoles, why Three is blocking ads on its network and why Gillian Anderson could make a great Bond.


This week the dashing Andrew Hoyle is joined by the majestic Katie Collins to discuss the week's most pressing tech news. The duo discuss the possibility of not one but two Xbox consoles arriving in the next two years, why Three wants to block all adverts appearing on its network and why Google wants to name and shame companies that don't update their phones fast enough.

All that, and whether or not Gillian Anderson of "The X Files" fame would make a brilliant female Bond.

Finally, Luke Westaway didn't want us to forget that he and Rich Trenholm have seen the new "X-Men" film and have made a lovely video about it, which you can watch below. Be warned, though: it's full of spoilers.

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CNET UK podcast 483

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