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CNET UK Podcast 124: Wins and fails from Mobile World Congress

This week, we talk about the mobile shenanigans in Barcephona, a car with a 15 grand paint job and we discuss the latest news from around the Web, including The Pirate Bay's legal brouhaha

This week Ian was joined by Nate and Rory to discuss the excitement from the world's largest mobile phone trade show, Mobile World Congress. We also took our regular look at news and your feedback.

Away from Barcephona, the story dominating the press this week has been the Facebook user agreement. There was a heated debate, in which two members of the team didn't see a problem with having their rights eroded, but one moral defender took issue with such nonsense. On the subject of legal disputes and ferocious arguments, we discussed The Pirate Bay being in court and if linking could ever be a crime.

There was minimal excitement about a universal phone charger, and a little more interest in the German company hoping to beat Apple into submission over the licensing of its operating system.

In Crave, Nate got excited about the first Sony Ericsson phone to feature a proper headphone jack. Meanwhile, Rory was getting himself all worked up over a car with a £15,000 paint job.

As always, you can send feedback via our forums. There are places to discuss all technologies, and a lounge dedicated to podcast chatter. You can also follow our CNET UK Twitter feed for the latest reviews, news and Crave stories. You can even send us messages and we'll try and read them out during the show.

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