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CNET Prizefight: Samsung Instinct vs. Apple iPhone 3G

In our latest CNET Prizefight, the Samsung Instinct goes head to head with the Apple iPhone 3G to see which is the superior device.

CNET Networks
CNET Networks

Of all the iPhone competitors, the Samsung Instinct arguably comes closest to challenging Apple's device. With a similar design and a comparable feature set, the Instinct has the potential to keep Sprint customers from straying to AT&T. Not only does it offer some features the iPhone 3G lacks, but its slick interface is like nothing Samsung has shown us before. Yet, the iPhone 3G has plenty going for it. Its easy-to-use design and interface and outstanding media player continue to attract new AT&T customers in droves. That's why we pitted these two phones against each other in a CNET Prizefight. After five epic rounds one device emerged as the champion. Click over to our Samsung Instinct vs. Apple iPhone 3G Prizefight to see which phone won the battle.