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CNET News Daily Podcast: Would a Sony deal make YouTube a player in digital film?

Greg Sandoval talks about what a rumored deal with Sony Pictures could mean for YouTube; Sun shares tank on word that IBM has withdrawn its acquisition offer; and the PS3 outsells the Wii.

Reporter Greg Sandoval joins today's podcast to talk about a deal YouTube is reportedly working out with Sony Pictures' online video division. While YouTube has a huge user base, it's still way behind its competitors in the digital movie field. However, the deal could signal to other movie studios that YouTube is ready to work with Hollywood on copyrighted content. If the deal goes through and proves successful, Greg says, YouTube could give Hulu and other digital media companies a run for their money.

Also in this podcast: Sun shares tank on word that IBM has withdrawn its acquisition offer; the PS3 outsells the Wii in Japan; MIT scientists are using a virus to help build power hybrid cars; and Major League Baseball decides to put Adobe Flash--and not Microsoft's Silverlight--in its starting lineup.

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