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CNET News Daily Podcast: What Wolfram Alpha is really all about

Early frustrations with the new "computational engine" might come down to confusion over what it's designed for; Apple spurns the Kama Sutra; and Chrome gets a speed boost.

We asked CNET readers who tried out Wolfram Alpha, which has been live for a week now, to tell us about their experiences with the new "computational engine." Reporter Tom Krazit sifted through the nearly 1,600 responses we got and writes that, by and large, people weren't terribly impressed with what they saw. But he notes that their frustrations might really come down to confusion about what the tool is really designed for. He talks on today's podcast about what Wolfram Alpha does well, what it does poorly, and explains how different it is from Google at its very core.

Also in today's podcast: Apple has no love for the Kama Sutra; Google claims 30 percent Chrome speed boost; and, brace yourselves, a Web company's IPO is a smash hit.

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