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CNET News Daily Podcast: The Pirate Bay's death rattle

Why you shouldn't Google Jessica Biel, the details on Yahoo's latest acquisition, and a chat with CNET reporter Greg Sandoval about what's happening to The Pirate Bay.

In today's podcast we get CNET News reporter Greg Sandoval in the studio to chat about what's happening to popular BitTorrent sharing site The Pirate Bay, including why it's back up, though probably not for long.

We also cover celebrity search terms that might end up infecting your computer with malware, along with Yahoo's latest acquisition that puts the company in a space to go after a larger market segment than before.


Today's stories:

Jessica Biel most 'dangerous' celeb in cyberspace

Yahoo reaches Arab world with acquisition

U.K. government eyes sanctions for file sharers

Mobile 'biochar' machine to work the fields

Cisco wireless LANs at risk of attack, 'skyjacking'

Wikipedia to add editing safeguard for the living

Microsoft coy on apps for Zune HD

File sharers hold vigil for Pirate Bay