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CNET News Daily Podcast: No solar power in my backyard, please

Communities bristle at the thought of solar and wind farms being built near them; layoffs at Adobe; Google cuts photo storage prices; and take our survey, please!

Are solar and wind the new nuclear? Alternative energy has a lot of support across the country, but when it comes to actually building solar and wind farms, some communities are saying "not in my backyard." Also in today's podcast: Adobe Systems has a 9 percent layoff, Google cuts prices on its photo storage service, and how real a threat is malware planting child porn on your PC?

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As alternative energy grows, NIMBY turns green

Adobe to cut 9 percent of workforce

RealNetworks appeals injunction on RealDVD sales

A child porn-planting virus: Threat or bad defense?

Google cuts Picasa photo storage prices

Nokia: Smartphone batteries need 'breakthrough'

Is Mozilla's plan for contributions working?