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CNET News Daily Podcast: Murdoch enlisting Microsoft to shun Google

Today on the podcast: The Wall Street Journal may shun Google; Apple makes no apologies for the app store; get ready for smartbooks; and more.

It appears that Rupert Murdoch was serious about wanting to remove his company's media properties, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, Fox News, and Hulu, from the Google search index. Murdoch's News Corp. has reportedly initiated discussions with Microsoft over a plan to have the media company's Web content essentially delisted from the world's largest search engine, Google, but included on Microsoft's Bing, in exchange for payment from Microsoft. Microsoft has reportedly approached other media giants about having their content removed from Google search results as well.

CNET is preparing an update on this development and we'll have more news later today.

Also on the podcast: No app store apologies from Apple; a dangerous, if rare, iPhone worm; "smartbooks" to take on netbooks; and editors begin to leave Wikipedia.


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