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CNET News Daily Podcast: iPad news subscriptions will cost how much?!

If the rumored pricing on iPad news subscriptions end up being true, it could end up being cheaper to get a real newspaper or magazine subscription. We also talk Twitter hackery, GoDaddy no longer selling .cn domain names, and a new MMO that's like Google's Street View.

Here's some bad news for folks who were expecting iPad media subscriptions to be cheaper than the real thing. A report from The Wall Street Journal (on itself), points at a monthly price tag that costs more than it would to actually get the newspaper delivered to your house every day. So much for cheap, digital delivery.

We also talk about the alleged Twitter hacker who leaked those Twitter internal documents last year; getting busted by the FBI; as well as GoDaddy no longer selling .cn domain names in China. Tune in to hear more about these stores and many others.


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