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CNET News Daily Podcast: Hands-on with Microsoft's Project Natal

CNET News reporter Ina Fried got an exclusive look at the experience of using Microsoft's motion-sensing technology.

After demonstrating Project Natal at E3 in June, Microsoft hasn't revealed many further details about its plan for the motion-sensing technology it's working on. But CNET's Ina Fried was in Redmond recently and got to take Natal for a spin. She joins us on the podcast to tell us about the experience and when the product will be publicly available.

Also on the podcast: A Georgian blogger was the target of Thursday's denial of service attack that ended up taking down Twitter, LiveJournal, and slowing Facebook for everyone, CERN is ready to fire up the Large Hadron Collider again, and the U.S. State Department has concerns about Intel's relationships with the countries of Syria, Iran, Cuba, and Sudan.


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