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CNET News Daily Podcast: Apple earnings jump 50 percent

In today's podcast, we talk big Apple earnings and lots of good (and bad) Google news, including a fix that's on the way to bring Nexus One owners better 3G coverage, and a new Google Voice app that works on the iPhone and WebOS phones.

Today's podcast is full of statistical goodness. Besides the latest numbers from Monday's Apple earnings call (spoiler: they're good), we've got new numbers on AMD's gains on PC chip shipments, as well as the continued growth of digital camera and virtual goods sales going into 2010. Listen in to get the scoop.


Today's stories:

Apple earnings jump 50 percent

Google prepares 3G fix for Nexus One

Google Voice finally on iPhone--in the browser

RIAA in pickle over Jammie Thomas ruling

Attackers sent Google workers IMs from 'friends'

AMD gains as PC chip shipments hit record

FAA wants to know Boeing 747-8 is hack-proof

Virtual goods continue to make (real) serious money

Digital camera sales rebound expected in 2010