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"Love" returns
Security experts say that a new strain of the infamous "I Love You" virus has hit some businesses located in Europe and the United States.

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HP shares slip
Hewlett-Packard saw its shares slip today despite the company's exceeding analysts' estimates with its report of a rosy quarter fueled by strong PC and software sales.

Wireless privacy hole still open
Five months after mobile Web surfers from several service providers discovered that their services were distributing their phone numbers without permission, little has changed.

Will wireless venture fund ignite?
Former Microsoft luminary Brad Silverberg's wireless-focused Ignition venture capital fund has been given the financial world's equivalent of a cold shower since its bubbly March launch.

IBM, i2, Ariba pour $90 million into B2B campaign
IBM, i2 Technologies and Ariba are teaming to launch a $90 million global advertising campaign to promote the group's business- to-business projects, IBM said.

LinuxWorld unmasks open-source's inner world
New alliances and products are being unveiled from computing giants and Linux start-ups alike at this week's LinuxWorld trade show.


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