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Linux camps take sides
The arrival of major corporate backing to boost the Gnome desktop user interface for Linux won't do much to unify support for a competing effort called KDE, several key executives say.

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True "Blue" service
IBM announced today an agreement with a software maker that it says will better help companies serve their customers via the Web. As previously reported, Big Blue has formed a partnership with Kana Communications to integrate Kana's software with IBM's hardware, middleware and services and to jointly market and sell the combined products.

Corel CEO resigns
Shares of Corel climbed more than 10 percent today following news that its founder and chief executive resigned from the struggling software company.

Customers blast Comcast move to foil bandwidth hogs
Revisions made to a Comcast Online customer agreement document have irked some high-speed cable-modem customers concerned about a prohibition on the use of secure networking technology.

Telecom companies stymied by Verizon strike
High-speed Internet access providers and alternative local phone companies have found themselves at the mercy of the striking Verizon Communications technicians, facing unanticipated difficulties in offering new connections in territory from Maine to Virginia.

Court limits federal wiretapping powers
A federal judge in Washington yesterday blocked the expansion of federal wiretapping powers, saying the proposed laws threatened individual privacy.


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