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CNET Live - Episode 28 - Show Notes

Make some money off video search, make calls from a cordless VoIP phone, and get to know the Ming.

Oh yes, another fantastic CNET Live is in the can. The last one with both Brian and I together for a few weeks. But don't worry. Molly Wood will valiantly step in to fill the gaps.

Watch the show on CNET TV.

Things we Crave

Wireless Christmas Tree

Sony NWZ-A810

First Look

Motorola Ming

Guest Suranga Chandratillake from Blinkx stopped by to explain how their video search engine works and how you can make money off it.

What if the RIAA kills Internet radio.

Best of the Web


Insider Secrets

Convert old VHS tapes to DVD.

Download of the Week

Darik's Boot and Nuke SE.

Your calls

Linksys/Yahoo landline VoIP phone formaking both landline and VoIP calls. Yep. It's called the iPhone.

3rd part apps on iPod Touch for Windows called touchFree. There's also one called iJailbreak for Macs.

Follow thestatus of unlocking the iPhone at the iPhone Dev Wiki.

There was one more media streamer I couldn't remember from Popcorn Hour that looks pretty easy to use.