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CNET is the official streaming media partner for 2012 CES

CNET editors will be covering every inch of CES 2012, from press conferences to product releases. The biggest tech stars will meet in conversation with CNET, including Eric Schmidt and Marissa Mayer.

The crowd eagerly awaits CNET announcements of the winners at the 2011 Best of CES awards. Sarah Tew/CNET Networks

Every year, CES gets better and better. And every year, CNET has the pleasure of bringing the biggest tech show of the year straight to you.

For the 2012 International CES show, we're pulling out all the stops to bring you more video, news, photos, blogs, and reviews than ever before.

For starters, we're the official digital media and live streaming partner of CES this year. That means that we're going to live stream the heck out of this show, including every major press conference and the coveted Best of CES Awards from the CNET stage. Plus--and this is exciting for us--we're hosting two unbelievable panels.

At 3 p.m. on January 10, the first day of CES, CNET's ninth annual Next Big Thing CES SuperSession will feature CNET's Molly Wood and Brian Cooley in conversation with Google's Eric Schmidt, respected venture capitalists, and an Amazon board member. The session will explore the intersection between hardware and the ecosystem of software, services, and content that increasingly help sell tech.

The very next day, Molly and I will host our very first Women In Technology panel at the CNET stage, and we're thrilled to be hosting Google Senior VP Marissa Mayer, Cisco CTO Padma Warrior, and Flickr co-founder Catarina Fake.

But even before CES starts, almost every member of the CNET staff will pick up and relocate to Las Vegas to work 15-hour days living-blogging keynotes and press conferences and hunting down each and every tech announcement at the show. We'll be writing hundreds of posts, taking thousands of photos, and shooting video of just about every device we can get our hands on.

If you're at the show, join us at the CNET stage for product spotlights and podcasts like Buzz Out Loud and The 404 live and in-person. If you can't get a hotel room in Vegas, visit for all our content, including a live stream of our the official Best of CES Awards live from the CNET stage at 11 a.m. on Thursday, January 12. Either way, we can't wait to bring the best of CES to you.