CNET Has a Bold New Look. Here's Why

We've updated our design for more pop and more purpose.

Adam Auriemma Editor in Chief
Adam is the Editor in Chief of CNET, overseeing a team of 90+ writers and editors with a shared mission of helping consumers understand a changing world. He was previously Editor in Chief of Money magazine and of NextAdvisor, a personal finance resource published in partnership with TIME. He has held senior editorial positions at The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast and Univisión.
Expertise Adam has covered a range of topics, including tech, business, social justice and general news. His passion is helping people tell their stories: working with expert writers, elevating fresh voices, and creating lively and compassionate narratives.
Adam Auriemma
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Dear reader: Notice anything different? 

Today we unveil a new era in CNET's visual style, one that builds on our most recent design work from 2022 and further enhances the expert, unique and helpful content we're committed to delivering. 

The vibrant palette — with previous brand colors yellow and green making a comeback — signals CNET's mission to continue our near 30-year run as the clear leader in cutting-edge tech advice, captivating storytelling and compelling recommendations from our expert staff, many of whom have been covering their beats for years. Like these bold new colors, we intend to stand out.

It's not just form, but function too. Our new site design includes engaging hover states, a reimagined homepage that prioritizes expertise and user-tested integration of social media and video on the site. After experimenting on our social media accounts, we discovered a winning mix of static content and video that contributed to a 30% spike in followers and a 62% growth in impressions within months. These findings have influenced design choices on 

We've also revamped the look and feel of our Best Lists, a cornerstone of CNET's trustworthy recommendations. Now you'll see more people-first photography, more information about how we evaluate products and services, and more examples of the hands-on, rigorous reviews we perform in our testing labs.

CNET's mission is to embrace change and help you navigate the myriad choices and decisions that come along with innovation. We hope our new design will grab your attention and efficiently deliver you the information you're looking for — because ours is the advice worth listening to. 

What's next? We've got a big year of editorial initiatives planned, featuring more immersive cover stories, more Editors' Choice recommendations, and more lab-tested reviews across a range of products and services. We hope you'll follow along!