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Cloud Storage: Windows Live SkyDrive gets named and updated

Microsoft has announced that the final name of their online storage web service is Windows Live SkyDrive and has released a major update.

Microsoft announced today that they would be renaming their online storage solution, Windows Live Folders, to Windows Live SkyDrive. I wrote about Windows Live Folders back at the end of June when the product was first released into a limited beta if you want a little perspective on this release.

In addition to the announcement today that the final name is Windows Live Folders, Microsoft also pushed out some upgrades to the service. Those include an updated user interface, drag and drop file upload, a "recently viewed users" section, the ability to embed files in web pages or blog posts, and a thumbnail view for pictures.

It's a pretty cool service and I'd recommend giving it a shot. If you're curious about how it looks, I've setup a public folder that you all can see, which includes my Google Reader feed list in OPML format and a shot of one of my Forza Motorsport 2 races.

Windows Live SkyDrive