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Climate change survivalists, log on and get a reading on your chances for survival

I've found the ultimate Web site for worriers. Not little things like having no health insurance or not saving for retirement. Naw, this is the big stuff: your odds for facing a category 4 hurricane, or getting the West Nile virus.

Oh, and it gives you colorful maps and charts, computer projections for what climate change will do to you specifically. Not general things like "it will get hotter" or "there may be droughts."

No, because this Web site gives you projections for what will happen at a specific address, your address. The climate appraisal site was created by three scientists at the University of Arizona where they certainly need to worry about drought and heat, if not hurricanes and lyme disease.

Their privately-funded company will put 50 percent of its profits back into peer-reviewed climate research. Meanwhile you can input your address and for $30 get a report of over 60 pages. It'll outline not only whether your home will be under ocean water (not a problem in Colorado); it also delves into dangers from bad air and radon to volcanoes and drought.

Whew! That's a lot to worry about. But at least you'd have the data and the odds. Like the calculation you make every time you cross the street, or board an airplane, or pick up a sandwich at the deli. Hint: food poisoning is more likely than a tornado to strike a resident in Maine.