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Cisco updates firewall package

New features in Cisco's Pix firewall 4.0 hardware-software package continue the push into Check Point and Raptor's space.

Cisco Systems (CSCO) is shipping an updated version of its firewall product that includes enhanced management and address translation features.

The updated Cisco Pix firewall 4.0 hardware and software package continues the networking company's push into security territory staked out by the likes of Check Point Software Technologies and Raptor Systems.

Cisco announced a security initiative in February intended to promote end-to-end security options for customers, with heavyweights like Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard signing on to the effort.

New enhancements to the firewall include a Microsoft Windows NT-based management tool that allows network administrators to manage firewalls dispersed across a network from a central location. An address translation feature protects client identification by representing all traffic coming out of the firewall to public network users, as originating from a single Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Cisco also announced that overnight shipping company DHL will roll out 60 Pix firewalls across 40 worldwide locations. The firewall will be deployed at DHL's Internet connections and will be managed centrally at its Burlingame, California, Network Control Center using Windows NT-based management software.