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Chrome extension replaces 'Elon Musk' with 'Grimes's Boyfriend'

This Chrome extension won't let you forget Elon Musk and Grimes are dating.


Grimes and Grimes's Boyfriend attended the Met Gala this week.

AFP/Getty Images

Elon who?

Thanks to a new Google Chrome extension called Elon Musk Text Replacement, you can swap out references you see online to Tesla CEO Elon Musk with the phrase "Grimes's Boyfriend."

Musk is reportedly "quietly dating" the electronic musician who goes by the name Grimes. The pair attended the Met Gala together this week. 

With the extension, a headline like "Elon Musk wants to be your candyman" turns into "Grimes's Boyfriend wants to be your candyman."

The extension's creator, James Bartholomeou, explained his reasoning on Twitter, saying famous women often end up referred to in relation to their spouses.