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Changing of the guard at Sun

Scott McNealy hands the CEO reins to Jonathan Schwartz as the company faces market challenges and skeptical investors.

Scott McNealy hands the CEO reins to Jonathan Schwartz as Sun Microsystems faces market challenges and skeptical investors.

Sun's chiefs on the hot seat

newsmaker Scott McNealy sees glory days ahead for new CEO Jonathan Schwartz, who's made a steady ascent.
April 25, 2006

Sun: Same song, second verse?

news analysis McNealy and Schwarz are cast from the same mold, but some expect the new CEO to begin layoffs his predecessor avoided.
April 25, 2006

McNealy steps down as Sun CEO

Jonathan Schwartz takes over as CEO from Scott McNealy, who stays on as chairman as the company grapples with profitability.
April 24, 2006

McNealy--an engineer's witty patron

reporter's notebook Known as much for his wit as his business acumen, Sun's outgoing CEO backed his engineers until it hurt.
April 24, 2006

Say what? A look back at McNealy zingers

The list of "McNealy-isms" is legendary within the tech industry. Here's a sampling of his jabs.
April 24, 2006

McNealy: Apres moi, you'll be bored silly

perspective CNET's Charles Cooper says he'll miss the former Sun CEO's straight-talking ways.
April 24, 2006

Sun loss widens, but revenue increases

Server maker reports a net loss of $217 million despite 21 percent revenue growth.
April 24, 2006

Lighting a fire under Solaris

Two significant upgrades are coming to Solaris this year, but Linux remains a fearsome rival.
April 24, 2006

'Honeycomb' storage late, but imminent?

Company expects the storage technology will increase performance and reliability.
April 24, 2006 previous coverage

Ex-Sun exec lambasts Sun's late layoffs

John Shoemaker says job cuts "too little, too late" and criticizes executive moves; Sun says changes are coming.
April 10, 2006

Sun's top software exec leaves for Adobe

John Loiacono is headed to the graphics software giant amid radical software changes at Sun, has learned.
March 16, 2006

video At RSA 2006, McNealy lists his top 10 security worries--and when the video display acts up, he assures the audience it's a Windows system.
February 14, 2006

Sun: Shame on us if we can't grow

Given its position, company should pick up steam, it says in trying to steer analysts toward a more favorable outlook.
February 1, 2006

video In a 2001 interview with CNET, McNealy blamed the U.S. economy for Sun's lower revenue outlook.
February 22, 2001