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CES: Audiovox puts Android in your car's headrests

Rear-seat entertainment makes a leap forward with Audiovox's Android-powered headrest monitor.

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LAS VEGAS--Audiovox knows that rear-seat DVD player sales are slumping, and its previous endeavors with the FLO TV digital video service ended in failure, so the electronics manufacturer is looking to reinvent headrest-based mobile entertainment in a very interesting way. It's debuting a prototype Android-powered rear-seat entertainment system.

The system combines a rear-seat DVD player and an Android tablet into one mobile hub. Users can connect the system to the Internet to stream YouTube videos, update their Facebook pages, and access other online content from the backseat. The prototype features a full Android 2.1 Eclair experience--there's even Market access, so anything goes as far as potential apps are concerned--but hopefully the final product that reaches consumers will taste of the more appropriate Honeycomb 3.0.

The prototype features a 7-inch color touch screen (resistive), a 1GHz processor, a Bluetooth connection for pairing accessories (such as wireless headphones or a keyboard), and a Wi-Fi connection for its data stream. Users will have to supply their own 3G or 4G wireless connection via a mobile hot spot or tethered smartphone.

Audiovox hasn't announced prospective pricing or availability for the Android Rear Seat Entertainment System.