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CES: A slicker Flickr coming to Windows 7

Flickr showed off its upcoming app for the Windows 7 mobile OS on the show floor in Vegas today.

Flickr on Windows Phone 7

LAS VEGAS--On one charge across the show floor at CES 2011, I dropped by the Yahoo booth and got a tour of Flickr's new app for Windows 7 tablets and smartphones.

Like most media apps I've seen, Flickr lends itself beautifully to Microsoft's mobile OS. The photo service takes full advantage of Windows 7's side-scrolling interface, offering a smooth transition that takes you from recent content to tagged photos to a screen that lets you explore the larger Flickr library.* Clicking on any image takes you to a screen that offers the full array of features: you can read and add comments, as well as view location info if available. Photos with GPS tags can also be viewed on a map that will show others Flickr user pics nearby.

Flickr on Windows Phone 7

The app takes things a step further on the tablet, offering an innovative browsing mode for viewing or discovering groups of photos. There's also a cool faded-out copy of each photo as the background for each individual pic page. Really, words don't do this software justice, which is why Flickr has also released this demo video.

Flickr for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 is free and will be available to users at the end of this month.

*As an interesting side note, Flickr uses an image algorithm to decipher which photos are most visually interesting and then populates those more prevalently in the Explore section.