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CES 2008: Highlights of the day

The Consumer Electronics Show is on in full force in Las Vegas. Here are just some of Wednesday's highlights from the giant gadget show.

The Consumer Electronics Show is on in full force in Las Vegas. Here are just some of Tuesday's highlights from the giant gadget show. For CNET's complete coverage, click here.

Green is in at CES--Lots of companies here are touting green design and environmental thinking, though in some cases it seemed more sloganeering than anything very deep.

Ion introduces LP-to-CD ripper--The LP2CD includes an all-metal platter, an LCD display, a USB connection, a switchable line/phono audio output, and a front-loading CD player and recorder.

FlyTunes makes your iPhone into an Internet radio--Service displays a curated list of Internet radio stations, and, over Wi-Fi, streams and records the stations you listen to.

Yoggie launches firewall on a USB stick--The Gatekeeper products scan for viruses, spam, and other threats, as well as running a bidirectional firewall.

Samsung streams video and music to your HDTV--Samsung's Home Digital Media Adapter connects to select 2008 Samsung HDTVs and allows you to stream music, movies and photos from networked PCs and directly from the Internet.

'Re-Mission' is a video game with a vital purpose--HopeLab is a nonprofit that creates innovative products with a health-improvement target goal, like video game "Re-Mission," which has been shown to improve the attitude and healthy behaviors of teens with cancer.

This cabbie's techier than you--Beyond Binary gets driven around by a gadget hound who would make the folks on the show floor proud. He has 20,000 songs on his iPod, thousands of dollars worth of digital camera gear and a watch that acts as a TV remote control.