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Case-mate's new tough case is no ghost

Case-mate is now shipping its Phantom case, which comes in multiple colors.

The Case-mate Phantom comes in multiple colors and retails for $50. Case-mate

Case-mate's latest tough iPhone 4/4S case, the Phantom, just started shipping, but it's worth calling out because Case-mate is officially launching it at CES in Vegas.

This is a "two-piece" case, but it doesn't include an integrated plastic screen cover like some tough cases do (it comes with a stick-on screen protector).

Like a lot of tough cases, this one features layered protection (click to enlarge). Case-mate

As noted, the Phantom comes in multiple colors and retails for $50. When I get my hands on one, I'll see if it's worthy of making it onto our Top 20 tough iPhone 4 and 4S case list.