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Canon's budget miniDV camcorders

Canon announced three new budget-priced miniDV camcorders, the ZR900, ZR930, and ZR950.

Canon ZR950

High-def camcorders might be gaining in popularity, but you still have plenty of choices if you're not quite ready to make the jump. Canon just announced three new budget-priced, standard-definition miniDV camcorders scheduled to hit stores later this month.

The Canon ZR900, ZR930, and ZR950 are the least expensive models in Canon's upcoming camcorder lineup. The ZR900 features a 680,000-pixel CCD, a 41x zoom lens, and the most modest price tag of the three. The ZR930 upgrades to a full megapixel CCD and a 48x zoom lens, and includes a remote control and microphone terminal. Finally, the ZR950 takes the ZR930's feature set and adds an SDHC card slot and a USB jack, for taking still pictures.

They might not be very complicated, but their simple designs and scant prices help appeal to budget-minded users who just want a quick way to shoot videos. The ZR900, ZR930, and ZR950 have suggested retail prices of $250, $270, and $280.