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Canon PowerShot A2200 review: Good photos and video if not much else

The Canon PowerShot A2200 is a solid point-and-shoot for basic snapshot needs with just enough extras to make it worth its price.

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The Canon PowerShot A2200 is basically filler in Canon's A-series PowerShot lineup and, despite that, it's one of the most popular cameras on CNET. It's a step-down from the A3300 IS, getting a shorter lens, smaller LCD, and no optical image stabilization. (It's also lower resolution: 14 megapixels compared to the A3300's 16-megapixel resolution.) Below the A2200 is the A1200, which is basically a 12-megapixel version of the A2200. It has the same shooting options, LCD, and lens, but the A1200 has an optical viewfinder and AA batteries.

That's not to say the A2200 is a bad camera because it's not. It has a nice f2.8 28mm-equivalent wide-angle lens with a 4x zoom, captures 720 HD-resolution movie clips, and is smaller and lighter than the A1200 since it's powered by a rechargeable battery pack.

Like most cameras in its price range, though, the A2200 is slow, so I wouldn't recommend it for regularly shooting active kids and pets. But that's my main reservation with it, so if all you need is a reliable automatic snapshot camera, keep reading.

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