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Can SGI turn the corner?

Silicon Graphics unveils a business strategy aimed at getting the workstation maker back on its feet.

Today, Silicon Graphics unveiled a strategy aimed at getting the workstation maker back on its feet, including a tighter relationship with Intel and major changes in its MIPS chip division. But the company risks becoming a small fish in a large pond as it revamps its computer business.

SGI cozies up to Intel
update Silicon Graphics' new strategy calls for closer ties with Intel, as more details of SGI's plan to revitalize itself emerge.

SGI sues graphics chipmaker
Silicon Graphics files a patent infringement lawsuit against Nvidia to block the company from making its Riva family of graphics processors.

Silicon Graphics scraps MIPS plans
The company abandons ambitious plans for its MIPS processors and is now following a much more limited road map, sources say.

Struggles seen in SGI spin-off
news analysis SGI will spin off part of its MIPS group, and the new company will face several financial challenges, including retaining a major contract for the next-generation Nintendo game system.