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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 revealed, hitting stores Oct. 12

Activision was light on details but the title probably says it all.

Activision revealed Thursday that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the next installment of the popular video game franchise, is coming on Oct. 12.

The news, revealed on the official Call of Duty Twitter account, was light on details. But the game maker said it would host a reveal event for the streaming community on May 17.

Video game makers have returned to history in recent years, with Battlefield 1 (World War I) and Call of Duty: WWII revisiting historic conflicts. This year's installment CoD, however, will bring us back to the present. 

The game promises to be the first from the Black Ops series since 2015. It will be developed by Treyarch, the studio behind previous Call of Duty games.


From the trailer we can see that Call of Duty is returning to a modern warfare style game, with contemporary weapons and gear. There are also brief glimpses of zombies, signaling we'll get more zombie-killing fun, along with short scenes featuring driveable vehicles and drones to take out the enemy.