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Tech Industry

Cable show all modems, set-tops

Cable modems and next-generation set-top boxes are all the rage at the National Cable Television Association show.

Cable modems, another nascent technology for delivering high-speed Internet access, are all the rage at the annual National Cable Television Association show, along with next-generation set-top boxes running Microsoft's Windows CE.

Microsoft, TCI sign set-top deal
After several months of negotiations, Microsoft and TCI seal an agreement for using Windows CE in digital set-top boxes.

WebTV does Windows on new box
update Microsoft and General Instrument will demonstrate the WebTV service on GI's next-generation digital set-top boxes.

Cable on a roll at NCTA show
Intel, Sony, and 3Com are detailing plans for producing a new generation of easy-to-use cable modems.

Gates: Cable can lead Net way
The Microsoft chairman urges the cable industry to speed up deployment of its high-speed service.

PC, cable giants to plug cable modems
update Intel and Microsoft will join forces with TCI and Time Warner to promote high-speed Internet access via cable.