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CA acquires identity management firm IDFocus

The acquisition of IDFocus and its identity management technology is a move to bolster CA's security offerings.

CA on Tuesday announced it acquired identity management company IDFocus.

With the acquisition, CA plans to use IDFocus' Ace identity management technology to provide employees with multiple authorizations in their company's employee resource planning (ERP) system to automatically have those authorizations checked against the information they are seeking or the task they're trying to conduct.

Specifically, the CA Identity Manager aims to give employees various authorizations, then run a check against the segregation of duties (SOD) policies set up in the IDFocus software. If a policy has been violated, the CA Identity Manager is designed to kick in and prevent the employee from accessing the information or performing the attempted task.

"This acquisition strengthens CA's ability to continually enhance critical elements of CA's Identity and Access Management suite," Dave Hansen, CA Security Management general manager, said in a statement.

Terms of the sale were not disclosed.