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Buzz Out Loud 822: It's all about the benzenes

Stuck with a stinky new Mac Pro? Good news: it might be toxic! (No proof of toxicity has been determined.)

Stuck with a stinky new Mac Pro? Good news: it might be toxic! (No proof of toxicity has been determined.) Also, Tom Merritt reveals himself to be a ruthless murderer of Firefox downloads. And the state of Pennsylvania takes it upon itself to make the streets safer by making old people smarter. Love it!
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Nintendo officially unveils Nintendo DSi and online store, coming Nov 1 in Japan for $180

Toxic fumes from Mac Pros?

Microsoft will soon release ‘Windows Cloud’ OS, Ballmer says

75 percent of all Firefox downloads go dead, reveals Mozilla

… launches contest to get users to use it

SlingMedia prepares to launch video portal at

Hackers clone Elvis’ passport

Sysadmin steals almost 20,000 pieces of computer equipment

Drivers may get insurance breaks for playing computer games

Daylight saving time shift to cause phone havoc Down Under

Matt: Netflix took away my Heroes!


U.S. government can’t get e-mail
by buildakicker - 10/1/08 8:37 AM

I am a Web manager for the Forest Service. You are TOO right when you say they cannot handle the traffic. Just so you understand, I still do not have a database driven Web site. Everything I do is static or XML based. It’s crazy. They are in the 1990’s with this whole deal. They just don’t get it. Many people that aren’t into it, don’t get it.


OK guys, I am sick and tired of the ladies having to call in and defend me. I own a white Eee 701, with no hacks or modifications besides adding the full desktop version of the preinstalled OS. And guess what? I am manly enough to realize that it’s form factor is perfect for most casual Web surfing and e-mail. I have a quad-core desktop that rarely gets used, because sitting on the couch with a beer watching football is easier and more comfortable with a Netbook than any of my other computers.

I don’t often disagree with you guys, but seriously,
Netbooks are not the one-size-fits-all that you want it to be. It is a computer that specializes in Web based activities and is very portable--nothing more and nothing less.

Chris the attorney in DC

PS - the pearl white IS kinda girly…

With all the chatter around Real DVD… I thought I should point out another similar product, who has taken the Kaleidescape approach. Dull out of my skull I found Drive-in for Mac OS X 10.4+ for PPC and Intel and essentially does the full copy leaving the CSS in-place while adding a second encryption.

The FAQ states:
Is Drive-In legal?
Under license by the DVD CCA and DVD FLLC, Drive-in creates an image that is an exact duplicate of the information that is on the owner’s original DVD disc, thus preserving original content protection. In addition, Drive-in locks the software to the owner’s computer and locks the images to the software. Drive-in allows users to play movie images on computers that they own, but it does not allow users to share their images with others.

I do wonder why a small company was able acquire the relevant licenses while real was shut out. Oh one last thing… if you want to find the product on the interconnected tubs we call a web, just feel luck with google using the term “Drive-in”
Jason M.

Calling Real DVD “Steal DVD” is pretty humorous. In fact, it’s kind of like calling someone a name on the playground a name that rhymes with their name. You know like Jason the Mason or Molly the Trolley or Tom the Mom. I think the MPAA should change its name to the Mad Pirates Association of America.


Hey Buzz crew,

I just wanted to give you an update. Podcaster is now available via Cydia on jailbroken iPhones. Just as a side note, I jailbroke my iPhone for the first time and it took about 4 minutes. Left all my icons and preferences untouched and gave me 2 additional App Store alternatives. Why would you NOT want to do this. Now I have all the apps I ever wanted. Good job jailbreak community.

Alex S.
Podcaster Developer

Hey Buzz Crew, this is Gregg from Seattle

I’m responding to your comments about Live Search on episode 821.

The statements were made about whether Microsoft should even be in the search business, whether this is a battle they should actually pick …
because Google is the clear winner and a better search engine.

My question is this: What is the alternative? That Google become the only search engine? With all the flack I hear you give Google about privacy concerns, and jokes about Google’s “New World Order”, is that the world we want to live in?

And who is going to keep Google from being the big-brother, world-dominating, privacy-invading monster? Is it Yahoo? I certainly don’t hear you say good things about their business model and management acumen.

The way I see it is here you have a solid, player (Microsoft) with the resources and the ability to keep Google from becoming the only choice, with a solid product (Live Search). I've used Live Search for 2 years and I find it works great. It's a good product. Maybe it doesn't work as well in all places, but it has a lot of great features. And Microsoft is investing (a lot) into making it better.

So why are we razzing Microsoft about being a decent contender as an internet search provider. Isn't that what free market is all about.
Doesn't this competition mean better products for our customers? Isn't this all a good thing?

My take: "Go Microsoft! It just means better products for everyone!"

Love the show,


on the Buzz Town Wiki, I have created, The Buzz Out Loud Dictionary, witch can be used to put in the words that are frequently used on Buzz Out Loud but are not dictionary words. The dictionary can be found here

Love the show