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Buzz Out Loud 797: The superbug of piracy

Today's BOL Theory of the Day: the RIAA's constant crackdown on sites and services that ought to be fair use is creating cockroach-like, drug-resistant strains...like Opentape.

Today's BOL Theory of the Day: the RIAA's constant crackdown on sites and services that ought to be fair use is creating cockroach-like, drug-resistant strains...like Opentape. Also, we reveal the Internet's biggest security hole, an iPhone ad is banned, and an iPhone app is banned (Apple only did the second one).
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Google tests custom highlights, comments in search

Revealed: The Internet’s biggest security hole

Computer viruses make it to orbit

Psystar to hit Apple with countersuit

Violent comic book doesn’t meet Apple’s standards

iPhone ad banned over ‘all Internet’ claim

Report: Studios want interoperable DRM

Mozilla offers do-it-yourself mashups for all

Opentape invites RIAA to play whack-a-mole post-Muxtape

English is a user-modifiable technology


Anonymous Guy
We have a unique identifier.

Hello person


Hi Buzz crew,

First, I want to say Molly is right, regulations for Formula One is extremely precise for engines. It must be an atmospheric 2.4 liters V8 fuel powered engine. The fuel needs to follow the Euro95 norm for pump fuel and must contain 5 percent of bio-fuel .
But mainly I want to point out that next year, F1 will be hybrids, the regulation is changing to allow for hybrid design (similar to what exists in regular cars). And also, even though there is a lot of fuel used for all the races during the year, this is completely offset by new technology developed for those cars. I cannot remember the exact details, but I believe Renault F1 sold some aerodynamics design to plane manufacturers that help them reduce plane fuel consumption by a significant percentage.

Love the show
Jerome from Montreal


Hello Tom, Molly, and Jason

This is Daniel from The Bronx. I wanted to ask you guys (mostly Tom) a question about your iPhone. I have a 16GB original and wanted to know if your phone gets or got hot while in use. Here’s what made me want to ask. I got my iPhone a week before the update to 1.1.4 and I noticed that it would run hot when talking on it. Also, up around the SIM card would get warm when using Wi-Fi.

It happened from the beginning and I haven’t read anything about ‘hot iPhones’ in forums or on CNET anywhere, so I thought it was normal. I stopped putting my warm phone to my head and started using the headphones to make and receive calls as a solution. Then came the miracle we all know as the 2.0 Firmware Update and my mysterious ‘hot iPhone’ had been cured! That was all fine and dandy until 2.0.2. Now my iPhone has a fever again. I just wanted to know if I was alone in the world and if so, should I look into getting my phone repaired/replaced.

Love the show and thanks.

Daniel S. (from The Bronx)


Just listed to 796, and I agree that assigned serials as names aren’t outside the realm of possibility in the future. One thing though. I feel bad for whatever future people wind up with names like LUH 3417, SEN 5241, or THX 1138. Lucasfilm is gonna have fun when that happens!

“Let us be thankful we have commerce. Buy more. Buy more now. Buy more and be happy.”
~OMM 0000

Love the show!

Jason H.
Lombard, IL


Amid all the iPhone talk, I lost track--are The Beatles on iTunes yet?
Can we start that talk up again?