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Buzz Out Loud 1550: Are you Hot or Bot? (Podcast)

Amazon wants to be the Netflix of books, and we can't wait. The 9/11 Memorial uses tech to honor the victims memory. If you just use Twitter to lurk, you're not a bot, we're paging Dr. Watson and we want your Android OS name ideas!

Amazon wants to be the Netflix of books, and we can't wait. The 9/11 Memorial uses tech to honor the victims memory. If you just use Twitter to lurk, you're not a bot, we're paging Dr. Watson and we want your Android OS name ideas!

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Well I wouldn’t call it a new OS, but if HTC is thinking of buying an OS then the only candidates are webOS and meego… Both are on their way out, but in my opinion they would make the smart choice and go for an OS that doesn’t need much development. Webos already as an app catalog and a user base so go for them would seem the likely choice. Meego on the other hand is only on the N9 which is just one device and I can’t recall if I has an app store oopps I mean program market now Apples going to hunt me down. As for HTC maybe there’s a third OS I haven’t been informed about.

From Luis


I just wanted to mention that I hear a lot of people saying that people who use twitter just to follow other people are lurkers, or that users that don’t tweet are just bots… I have had a twitter account for years that I use almost exclusively to follow news, tech news and other current events. I log in multiple times a day to read other people’s tweets… and in the last couple years I generally hear about news from twitter first. I’m not sure how my use of twitter can be differentiated from a “”bot”", but I think my use is still valid nonetheless.

love the show,
Karen in Seattle


I’m sure you’ve seen this before but figured I’d send it incase you’ve not. They’ve mapped out all the patents so it’s easier to see who’s attacking who.



Hi Bol,
In the last couple of weeks I got 2 AT&T upgrades. The first one was 1000 roll over minutes added to my account. And the 2nd was just last week when I got free mobile to mobile minutes. The first I found out through a free text the 2nd a postcard.
I have been a att client for about 5 years. I now have the minimal voice plan at 450 minutes, 2gb data and unlimited text messages for about $80 a month. Since I barely use the phone I had about 8000 roll over minutes now I have 9000. I use about 1.5gb of data and send/receive about 5000 text sms messages a month. As you can see I would rather text then talk. Giving it to me won’t help cause ill never use it.
I’m not sure why att is doing this and not making it public. They might bring it up later to fight for T-Mobile but I don’t see how. Just thought I would mention it since no one else had.
Love the show,
Brooklyn NY


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