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Buy an iPad Mini at RadioShack, get a $100 gift card

The offer is good only for the 16GB Wi-Fi version of the original iPad Mini and will be available at least for the next week.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Anyone who picks up last year's iPad Mini at your nearest RadioShack will get a $100 gift card in return.

Available now, the offer applies only to the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini, which sells for $300. You can grab the gift card at any RadioShack store but not online.

How long will the deal last? A RadioShack spokesman told CNET that the end date will depend on how inventory holds up. But he promised the offer would be good at least throughout this week and the coming weekend.

At $300, last year's 16GB iPad Mini is only $100 less than the sharper and more robust 16GB Retina Display Mini. So the $100 gift card may sweeten the appeal of the original Mini for RadioShack customers.

People who trade in an existing iPad can score even more in store credit. RadioShack's Trade & Save program offers trade-in deals on all past iPads, from the original to the iPad 4. The Trade & Save program accepts a wide variety of other devices, including phones, laptops, game consoles, and cameras. The amount of store credit depends on the device and its working condition.

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