Broadband Surf Report: Jan. 11

What looks good in broadband news for Jan. 11

Tech Culture

Once again, editors wrestle with the wild Web to subdue the day's broadband and wireless news. We bring you the highlights, tame as kittens.

New mobile phone virus spreads two ways--Infoword, but also at TechNewsWorld and many, many more ...

Could Cisco-Airespace rumors trigger bidding war?--Unstrung

Samsung develops flexible LCD panel and thinner chip package--InfoWorld and TechNewsWorld, respectively

MIMOing your way to faster Wi-Fi--eWeek

Indiana introduces anti-municipal broadband bill--Muni Wireless

Study advises limiting children's use of mobile phones--InfoWorld

Productivity gains drive mobile phone sales: study--Mobile Pipeline

Cell phones continue to drive some off the road--TechNewsWorld

3G and Wi-Fi slug it out--Networking Pipeline

SyChip plugs 11g into handhelds--Wi-Fi Planet

Big WLAN on campus--Networking Pipeline

Infineon calls off $206 million sale--Light Reading

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