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Bring on the brains! 'iZombie' reanimated for second season

More gray-matter munchies and murder mysteries lie ahead for Liv and her pals as "iZombie" is greenlit for a second season on The CW Network.


Liv will be solving more murder mysteries as an undead forensics tech with visions in CW's "iZombie."

The CW Network

Good news for fans of undead comedy dramas. The witty TV show "iZombie" -- about a medical resident who catches a virus that turns her into a brain-eater, takes a job in a morgue and then starts solving murders -- will get another season on The CW Network, Variety reported Wednesday.

Developed by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright (creators of "Veronica Mars"), "iZombie" is loosely based on the hit DC/Vertigo comic series of the same name created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.

Will brain-eating Liv's ex-fiance Major Lilywhite ever learn her secret? Will Lieutenant Suzuki confide in Detective Babinaux about his zombie problems? Will Dr. Chakrabarti discover a cure for Liv and find true love with her roomie Peyton? We can't wait to see Liv, who is played by Rose McIver, solve more violent murders while finding love with her musician zombie boyfriend Lowell Tracy in the second season.

Actor Rahul Kohli -- who plays Liv's boss and trusted friend on "iZombie" (British readers might recognize him from "EastEnders") -- was so excited about the news he made this vine for fans as he celebrated with a pint...of beer, not brains.