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Bosch robot lawn mower gives you more hammock time

Billed as the "world's first intelligent robot lawn mower," the Indego autonomously avoids your garden gnomes and other lawn obstacles.


Why waste your summer cutting grass yourself? Get a machine to do it. Robot lawn mowers are nothing new, but Bosch is introducing one that's apparently more automated than competitors.

The Bosch Indego is an electric, autonomous mower that can cut up to 10,700 square feet of grass with little supervision, according to IEEE Spectrum.

All you need to do is install a guide wire on the edge of your lawn to keep the Indego in. It will automatically skirt all obstacles on your lawn including your pink flamingos, croquet mallets, and flower beds.

It apparently uses its charger as a beacon and navigation guide as it cuts the lawn, moving in straight lines where possible instead of a random pattern.

The droid can operate for up to 20 minutes per full charge, and then needs to juice itself for 90 minutes before it resumes work.

Although it may be released in Scandinavia for some $2,000, it would be cheaper to operate than a gas-powered mower, and better for the environment.

Check it out in the promo vid below.