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Bosch lays out home and auto tech plans at CES 2013

At today's press conference, Chairman Werner Struth laid out Bosch's plans to further its reach into your home and beyond.

LAS VEGAS--At a press conference to officially kick off CES 2013 media day, multifaceted industrial technology company Bosch gave attendees an overview of its mission for 2013: to continue to dip its hand in every facet of your life.

From the get-go, Chairman Werner Struth laid out his vision, with some admittedly compelling evidence that Bosch could, in fact, be poised for a home and automobile takeover of some kind.

Bosch's new RHH181 rotary hammer Bosch

Struth started off with the very tools that are used to construct and renovate your home. From a rotary hammer to a tilt-sensor laser distance measurer, Struth listed out a few of the tools that the company is showing at technology demonstrations here at CES. He gave a glimpse of the company's B-Series home security system, which features a programmable interface for simplifying complex functions and the capability to connect with mobile devices for remote operation.

From there, Struth went into the guts of the home, calling out "a variety of solutions to make green living affordable and achievable." Press attendees got a broad look at the some of Bosch's thermotechnology products for heating and cooling of the home, as well as solar energy modules developed by sister company Aleo Solar.

Rooftop solar array on a Habitat for Humanity multifamily home. Bosch

And of course, home appliances were on the docket as well. While Bosch didn't show off any specific appliances at the presser, Struth did mention the company's push for a uniform standard of communication between so-called "smart" devices in the kitchen and beyond. As a company, Bosch clearly prefers interoperability among all brands of kitchen gadgets, versus a system that would lock a homeowner into a single brand. In this regard, it seems as though Bosch truly puts a high value on convenience for the homeowner.

Since Bosch also produces a variety of technologies for vehicles, it was only fitting that Struth next brought his presentation to the garage. He briefly mentioned the company's in-car infotainment system (available as an option for the Nissan Sentra 2013), which provides features like natural voice recognition, navigation, and an open-source platform. Then, he spoke broadly about the company's commitment to making widely available an array of automated driving functions like lane-change assist, predictive anti-lock braking, ABS for motorcycles, and automated cruise control.

Bosch's NissanConnect infotainment system for Nissan Sentra 2013. Bosch

As intriguing as Bosch's presentation was, we'll have to wait to see in person the technologies laid out at the company's presser. "The Bosch House," the company's home-centric booth here at CES 2013, officially begins product demonstrations tomorrow.