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Bono at Demo?

SAN DIEGO--One of the biggest questions to come out of was whether the short-ish fellow walking around the floor with a black jacket, thick, slicked hair and big sunglasses was really rock star Bono.

No one seemed to know the real answer. One Demo official said yes, it was Bono. Other folks who claimed to have talked to those in the know said it was just a Bono look-alike hired by one of the companies presenting its technology here this week.

What was clear, whether it was Bono or not, was that it sure looked a lot like him. And since the U2 front man has become a venture capitalist--he's --it made it seem more likely that this was a real celebrity sighting and not just an imposter sighting.

For myself, I can't say. I saw the gentleman walk by twice, and it sure looked like Bono. But whoever it was, he was only accompanied by one person, not the entourage you would expect of a worldwide star.

So, is there a conclusion? Not really. But it does go to show that at a conference where attendees are sitting through nearly 70 company demonstrations in two days, catching sight of someone famous, even if it really wasn't him, was enough to cause a major buzz.