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Bluetooth speaker deal: UE Roll 2 is $55 at Amazon

We're fans of UE's waterproof flying saucer speaker, which is available for almost 50 percent off its list price.

David Carnoy/CNET

Best Buy has sporadically had some big discounts on Logitech's UE Roll 2 Bluetooth speaker, and now Amazon has matched the low price for this flying-saucer-shaped wireless speaker that's also fully waterproof. You can pick it up in blue or green for $55, or $45 off its list price.

We saw the earlier UE Roll selling for around the same price during the holiday season and this sequel has some small but important upgrades, including slightly better sound and extended wireless range. Also, this model comes with a flotation accessory, so it can float around a pool and play music. Yes, it's fully waterproof.

Logitech recently released the UE Wonderboom ($100), which does sound better than the Roll 2. However, while the Wonderboom is waterproof and won't sink, it doesn't come with a floatation device that would keep it fully above the water and allow you to stream music to it. Alas, Bluetooth doesn't transmit through water.

Logitech says the UE Roll 2 isn't being phased out and will remain on the market in a limited capacity. Expect to see more sales on it going forward.

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