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Bluetooth mouse may have caused plane to fall out of the sky

Qantas is investigating the possibility that a Bluetooth mouse, laptop, or video game use caused one of its planes to plunge, injuring at least 20 people.

If this doesn't scare you, your nerves are granite.

The other day over the Indian Ocean, the pilots of a Qantas Airbus totally lost control of the plane. It made a rapid ascent and then plunged 8,000 feet.

Now, investigators are saying that among the possible causes are a laptop with its wireless switched on, a Bluetooth mouse, or a video game.

Frankly, I wish someone would explain in very simple terms whether it really is possible to affect a plane's controls with your laptop, video game, or cell phone.

I know people who, during a flight, will go to the restroom just to check their cell phone messages. Naturally, I try not to fly with these people. But I know they are still alive and have not caused any turbulence.

This little thing can bring down a Jumbo? CC Roland

Still, something very strange and, clearly thus far, inexplicable happened on Qantas flight QF72.

The words of Julian Walsh, the investigator of this incident, make me feel desperately unwell: "Certainly there was a period of time when the aircraft performed of its own accord."

Please focus on those words carefully: OF ITS OWN ACCORD. Doesn't this make you feel a little odd?

Overhead bins were thrown open. Human hair was found stuck to the ceiling as those who happened not to be wearing their seat belts were catapulted straight upward.

Is it truly possible that the pilots only regained control of this terrifying flight when someone switched off their laptop or video game or took their finger off their Bluetooth mouse?

Apparently, the Australian transport safety bureau recently discovered that a passenger idly clicking on a Bluetooth mouse made the plane tilt 3 degrees.

I am sure that I am not alone in saying that I find flying frightening enough as it is. Is there some huge brain out there who can put our minds to rest this minute?

I only ask because I have a trip planned and, well, you know, I've spent enough of my week already banging my head against a wall.