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Bledisloe Cup joins live sporting line-up on Foxtel Play

Both the Rugby Championship (including Bledisloe Cup) and the Barclays Premier League will be available on Foxtel's new streaming service.

Foxtel has announced that both the 2013 Rugby Championship series — including the Bledisloe Cup — and the Barclays Premier League will be available as part of the Sports premium package on Foxtel Play.

The Bledisloe Cup will join Foxtel Play's sport package. (Credit: Foxtel)

The addition of these events to the live sports component of Play is a big win for Foxtel, with online streaming rights traditionally proving difficult to negotiate compared to traditional broadcasting.

Foxtel Play's no-contract nature also means sports fans can add the sports premium package around specific championship series, then drop back to cheaper package at a later date.

Both the Bledisloe Cup and the Barclays League will begin broadcasting on 17 August. Foxtel Play is currently available on PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and select Samsung smart TVs.