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Sci-fi series 'Black Mirror' finds a new home on Netflix

Netflix is picking up the reins with 12 new episodes of the British cult sci-fi series "Black Mirror" from original executive producers Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones.

Get ready for even more bleak looks into the future. Netflix announced on Friday that the company will make 12 new episodes of the cult British sci-fi series "Black Mirror."

For the uninitiated, "Black Mirror" takes a dark look at our obsession with technology with suspenseful, thought-provoking episodes about our technological future.

For example, one of the more interesting episodes features humans with chip implants that are essentially an always-on data bank that records everything you see. The episode explores the dark implications of this in a society that has blindly accepted the new technology. That episode was so good and interesting that it was optioned by Robert Downey Jr. for a possible movie adaptation.

"Black Mirror" creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones will return for the Netflix series, so hopefully the new series will be just as good. Production on the series is set to begin in late 2015. Brooker has already started writing the new episodes, but no official premiere date for the new season was announced at this time.

"It's all very exciting -- a whole new bunch of "Black Mirror" episodes on the most fitting platform imaginable," Brooker said in a press release. "Netflix connects us with a global audience so that we can create bigger, stranger, more international and diverse stories than before, whilst maintaining that "Black Mirror" feel. I just hope none of these new story ideas come true."

Netflix did release a short teaser for the new series, which you can watch above. The description for the teaser on YouTube mentions that the series is coming soon, so let's hope it's not too long before the tales of techno-paranoia in "Black Mirror" plays out on screen again.

The first two seasons of "Black Mirror" are already on Netflix, so you can watch (or, re-watch as the case may be) all six episodes to familiarize yourself with the series before the next season debuts.