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Biz Stone, Ron Howard oversee a tweeted movie

It seems as if Twitter's co-founder and that nice man from "Happy Days" are getting together to make a movie inspired by tweeted photos.

Project Imagination/YouTube Screenshot:Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

They've made so many movies inspired by eating. They've made movies inspired by dancing dirty.

Surely there had to come a time when there'd be a movie inspired by twittering.

Oh, joy, that time has come.

For soon we will witness a tweet-based movie directed by that Hollywood legend Oliver Stone.

No, wait. I have left a stone unturned there. The director is Biz Stone. Yes, that sweet man in glasses who co-founded Twitter.

Those of cynical mind and dubious heart will wonder what on earth Stone knows about directing.

Well, it seems that he will be helped in his quest to become a two-sports star by Ron Howard, director of occasionally wonderful movies like "A Beautiful Mind."

Venture Beat tells me this venture is part of Project Imagination, in which movies are made on the basis of photos sent in by ordinary people.

Stone told Venture Beat that he is suffering slight trepidation at the prospect of directing. He shouldn't worry. The other directors in the project are merely folks like Jamie Foxx and Eva Longoria, and what do they know about movies?

"I don't have a screenplay in my head I'm planning on telling," Stone said. "I'm going to wait until I see the photos."

Yes, this will be a movie inspired by true tweets.

You will, of course, immediately be wondering where you can make your contribution. Well, all you have to do is go to #Inspirebiz and you will immediately be in the business of inspiring Silicon Valley's first great director.

I feel sure that the movie will enjoy a few hiccups along the way. There might well be some outages and even a revolution or two.

In the end, though, I feel we may end up with the tale of a bird and a whale who go off on a quest to save the environment, but end up being waylaid by their obsession about what Kim Kardashian does every day.

It will not have a happy ending.