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Bionic Bopper cars bring Rock 'Em Sock 'Em to life

Looking to have a robot battle in your own home? Look no further than the Bionic Bopper cars.

Bionic Bopper cars
The Bionic Bopper cars can be yours for only $17,000. Hammacher Schlemmer

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots are back, and they're bigger and more kick-ass than ever.

Just in time for the holidays, Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a pair of bumper cars designed to look and act much like the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots we loved as kids. The Bionic Bopper cars feature a steel-cage cockpit where the driver can sit and use two joysticks to maneuver the robot's arms and deliver metal-crushing uppercuts to the opposing robot's head.

The cars measure 74 inches high by 59 inches wide by 62 inches deep. Each is equipped with a display in its midsection to keep tally of the score (one hit equals one point).

Three wheels underneath the 850-pound machines allow you to move forward, backward, left, and right at a breakneck speed of 3 mph, and rubber bumpers along the bottom of the vehicles ensure that the fighters are at "optimal distance for scoring." Also, prepare for some epic battles because the Bionic Boppers' gas engine promises up to five hours of continuous use.

Now, before you start sending out those invitations for the neighborhood robot wars, we should probably warn you about one possible speed bump: the Bionic Boppers cost $17,000.

Though I'm sure to win the lottery any day now, I don't currently have a spare 17 grand lying around. Anyone want to go in on them with me?

(Source: Hammacher Schlemmer via Gizmodo)