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Bigfoot spotted lurking under bald eagle nest

A webcam trained on a nest of eagle chicks in the woods of Michigan also catches a glimpse of something else in the wild.

Bigfoot, that mysteriously unkempt and anti-social gentlemen of the woodlands, has again made an appearance on camera in his trademark blurry yet intriguing style.

This time the legendary cryptid has apparently been captured on the CarbonTV Eagle Cam in northern Michigan. The live webcam is trained on a bald eagle nest 100 feet (30 meters) above the ground near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery.

As you can see in the video above, a dark lumbering figure walks into frame about 10 seconds into the clip. The shadowy silhouette of something clearly bipedal makes its way through the stand of trees before walking out of frame.

While the creature appears to fit the traditional description of Bigfoot, it also could pretty easily be explained as a bear or a human. Because the camera is capturing the forest floor looking down from 100 feet up, the perspective is a little screwy and it's hard to get much clarity.

Local media reported the story Wednesday, but the footage was actually shot in the spring of 2016. It was posted to YouTube earlier in the year but then taken down due to a copyright claim by CarbonTV, which then posted the clip on its own account in September.

This sighting is about on par with other inconclusive bits of evidence that Sasquatch exists, like the few seconds of something hairy captured in Sequoia National Park earlier this year.

Check it out for yourself and see what you think. One thing is for sure, though: those bald eagle chicks are ridiculously adorable.