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Bigfoot may soon stomp across best license plate ever

It's a big hairy deal: Senator proposes a specialty plate honoring Sasquatch, calling him a Washington state native.

Walking Bigfoot

This handsome fellow could soon grace license plates in Washington State.

Rich Legg / Getty Images

There are hundreds of specialty license plates out there. They honor colleges, sports teams, cultural groups and hobbies. They often raise money for worthy causes.

Pretty soon, Washington state might offer the coolest specialty tag of them all.

Earlier this month, state Sen. Ann Rivers of La Center, Wash., proposed a license plate depicting Sasquatch that Washingtonians could proudly display on their cars and trucks. A plate featuring the legendary furball would cost $40, according to the Everett Herald, $28 of which would be used to support the Evergreen State's parks.

"I'm guessing Sasquatch has a hidden talent as a fundraiser," Rivers wrote on her website. "And assuming that Sasquatch is a native Washingtonian, and our state parks are part of Sasquatch's native habitat, it makes perfect sense to capitalize on Sasquatch's popularity in a way that would help protect and improve that habitat."

The big hairy creature, commonly known as "Bigfoot," supposedly lives in Pacific Northwest forests, so a plate marking his presence in Washington makes sense. (Actor Rob Lowe is among those who claim to have seen the creature.)

Rivers also wants to make Sasquatch Washington state's official state cryptid, shorthand for cryptozoological creature. That's an animal whose existence hasn't been proved. 

If the critter does make the cut for a license plate, let's hope the image is decidedly blurry. Bigfoot has always been camera shy.