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BassAware wearable bass holster thumps you on the back

A holster-style bass-vibration gadget works with headphones to create your own private club scene by thudding up against your back.

It's like strapping a silent subwoofer to your back. bassAware

If you're the clubbing type, then you know that feeling of standing on a dance floor with the bass vibrations rolling through your body. It's hard to capture that sort of sensation at home or with headphones on. The BassAware holster on Kickstarter translates the musical low-end into a visceral body experience.

The harness-style device is worn around your shoulders to position a tactile transducer at the center of your upper back. It turns bass notes into vibrations, so you feel the bass through your body. It works with any headphones or audio device. Pockets on the front hold your smartphone or wallet.

The idea for BassAware came from silent disco parties, shindigs where everyone wears headphones, tunes into the same DJ, and dances to the music. The holster system provides that extra punch -- like you're rocking out in a club -- missing from the headphones experience.

Getting your bass-body on doesn't come cheap. The BassAware is going for a $349 pledge. If it becomes popular, it could spawn a new phrase: "There's a party on my back!"

bassAware front view
When headphones aren't enough, BassAware amps up the low end. bassAware